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Performance Management

Performance Assessment System

A Performance Assessment system is a tool to plan, monitor and review the employee’s performance. We can design a Performance Assessment process, guidelines and forms. Essential is to qualify the outcome in terms of achievements and contribution, aligned with the business strategy. That qualification can be linked to decisions how employees move through the salary structure and to which extend bonus targets have been met.

Link to financial Rewards Systems

  • The Relative Salary Position (RSP) measures the distance between the midpoint of the salary grade and the employee’s current salary. Together with the performance rating, the RSP plays a role in determining the salary adjustment. We can design a matrix of differentiating salary adjustment percentages. Optimization can be achieved taking into account a norm distribution of performance ratings, whilst respecting budgetary limits.
  • Measuring the achievement of individual SMARTly formulated objectives is preferably integrated into the Performance Assessment system. We can design your Performance Assessment system that strikes a balance between the assessment of individual competencies and the achievement of targets. The latter can be part of the set of KPI’s to calculate the bonus or incentive entitlement of the employee.
Performance Management Increases Productivity