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When you start a new business or split off a part of an existing operation, it is essential that the fundamentals are in place right from the beginning. We can help to design the new organization set-up, to rank and price each job and to build a pay structure that allows you to attract and retain talent.

Mergers & Acquisitions/JV’s

In case of a (de)merger or acquisition, pay structures may need to be harmonized, unbundled and/or recalibrated. As an independent operator, we can offer to set up or adjust the organization and job structure. Subsequently, we develop market related pay structures aligned with the new business strategy.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO companies, specializing in people-related services, seek to leverage their expertise and economies of scale to deliver cost and efficiency benefits. Key is to establish pay levels that are competitive in the specific BPO market segment.  We can support BPO’s in selecting the benchmarks, design pay structures and develop strategies to unfreeze historical entitlements.

Established Organizations

Job and/or pay structures need to be flexible to adapt to change. Often, existing structures evolved without applying mechanisms to review and maintain their relevance and efficacy. We can deliver a pay structure scan, benchmark and redesign fixed and variable pay structures that ensure internal equity and improve your competitiveness in the labor market.



Companies we have worked for, among others…

  • Global Oil & Chemicals Tank Storage company, based in the Netherlands
  • Logistics company in the USA
  • Global Chemical Tank Storage company, based in Belgium
  • Global Express company
  • Packaging company in the Benelux
  • Global Office Products company
  • Global Packaging company, based in Germany
  • Postal Organizations in Europe and China
  • Food and Retail company in the Middle East
  • Electrical Infrastructure company in the Middle East
  • National Telecom company in the Middle East
  • Investment company in the Middle East
  • IT company in India
  • Telecom Services company in the Middle East
  • BPO company in the Middle East
  • Municipalities & Educational institutions
  • Retail Chain in the Netherlands  
  • Call Centre company in the Middle East