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Job Ranking

Job Profiles

Benchmarking your pay levels requires a professional assessment of the relative weighting of the jobs. For this reason the profiling of key jobs is essential. We can provide customized Output-Oriented Profiles, which clearly indicate what the job is supposed to achieve in terms of end-results.

Job Ranking

SmartReward Solutions evaluates the jobs with the Themis Job Evaluation methodOutcomes can be correlated with those of other job evaluations methods, that might be prevalent in your company or industry.

Subsequently we put your jobs into a clear Job Matrix (all jobs per level and per job family) in order to create oversight and enable you to detect logical career paths within and between job families. A career path is a smaller group of jobs within a career cluster that use similar skills. Each career cluster can contain several career paths.

Pareto Principle

A pragmatic approach is to evaluate a limited number of key jobs that are critical to the business and/or performed by many job holders. Using the Pareto Principle, the evaluation of around 20% of the jobs can usually cover around 80% of all your employees. This is what we mean with smart reward solutions.

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 FOTO job family matrix