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Pay Structure Design

Design Fixed Pay

The Job Grades, established through Job Evaluation, are translated into Salary Grades, which build the Salary Structure. SmartReward Solutions can determine design factors such as:

  • Number of Salary Structures for different types of staff or businesses
  • Number of grades per Salary Structure
  • Distance between the salary grades
  • Spread per grade (minimum – maximum)
  • Overlap between the grades
  • Number and size of steps within the grade
  • Performance based adjustment mechanisms

Design Variable Pay

Variable Pay can be individually or group based, short term or long term oriented and is expressed in a monetary value, such as money, share options and/or stock. Based on the benchmark we can design a self-funding bonus system and determine the ratio between Fixed and Variable Pay. In addition, we can identify the various internal and/or external financial and non-financial SMART objectives that focus efforts and boost performance.


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